Carta Suro


  • Croquettes with "botifarró" 8,50€

    black sausage from Mallorca and panko

  • Prawn Gyoza 10,50€

    with soja, sake, oster sauce, sesam and sweet chili

  • Squid Tandoori 9,50€

    with kimchee sauce and lime

  • Potatoes Suro 5,50€

    fries potatoes home made with chipotle and aliromescu sauce

  • Nachos Suro 8€

    with red beans, sweet chili, cheese and guacamole

  • SURO tapas platter 32€

    croquettes, cheese, ham, squid, bread with tomato, and fries with two sauces (2 pers.)


  • Broken eggs with "Sobrasada Spice" 10,50€

    Broken eggs with "Sobrasada Spice" fries, honey and zucchini

  • Broken eggs with iberian ham 11€

    Broken eggs with iberian ham, fries and truffle oil


  • Tokio 12,50€

    with sushi rice, tuna fish with soja and shichimi, avocado, edamame, wakame, carrot, cherry tomato, onion, crunchy onion, cashew nuts, sesam and spicy mayo

  • Rio 11,50€

    with quinoa, tofu, radish, cucumber, onion, cherry tomato, avocado, carrot, edamame, crunchy onion and soja sauce

  • Denver 11,50€

    with sushi rice, chicken, cheese cream, cherry tomato, avocado, carrot, corn, edamame, wakame, crunchy onion, sesam and truffle sauce

  • Oslo 12,50€

    with quinoa and sushi rice, salmon, cheese cream, cucumber, carrot, corn, avocado, onion, nori, peanut and pesto sauce


  • Iberian pork sirloin 15€

    iberian pork sirloin with apple jam and mustard

  • Beef tender 16,50€

    with salad and potatoes

  • Bull's tail 14,50€

    with potatoes


  • Salad with crunchy chicken 10,50€

    salad with tomato, onion, guacamole, and crunchy chicken

  • Salad with goat cheese 10€

    salad with goat cheese, sweet nuts and strawberries


  • Pad thai 13,50€

    pad thai chicken, prawn, nuts, egg and coconut milk

  • Prawn wok 12,50€

    prawn, coconut milk and vegetables

  • Chicken wok 11,50€

    chicken, coconut milk and vegetables

  • Vegetarian wok 11,50€

    vegetarian wok with noodles

  • Beef Tataki 14,75€

    beef tataki with stir fry noodles


  • Mallorquina 13,50€

    mallorcan burger with sobrasada, "fonoll mari", cheese, potatoes and alioli

  • Tikka Masala 11,50€

    tikka masala chicken burger with fries (spice)

  • Veggie 11,50€

    veggie burger with quinoa, onion and vegetables

  • Salmon burger 12,50€
  • Tacos of beef 12,50€

    with lime, jalapeños and vegetable sauce

  • Tacos of prawns 13€

    with guacamole, tomato spice sauce and coriander

  • Tacos vegetarians 11,50€

    with beans, corn, onion and guacamole

  • Crunchy chicken Louisiana 11€

    crunchy chicken Louisiana style with fries and chipotle sauce


  • Cod fish "PINK" 13,50€

    cod fish "PINK" on the oven with alioli, potatoes and vegetables

  • Salmon Caribbean 14,50€

    salmon caribbean with rice, crunchies and salt banana

  • Octopus "La vera" style 16,50€

    octopus with fries and pepper sauce

  • Red tuna tartar 14,50€
  • Salmon tartar 14,50€
  • Prawn tartar 14,50€

DESSERTS (home made)

  • Brownie Black&White 5,50€

    with vanilla ice cream

  • Banoffe 5€

    banana, biscuit, cheese amb sweet milk

  • Carrot cake 5€
  • Apple crumble cake 5'50€

    with vanilla ice cream

  • Ice creams 3'50€